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Vinyl Window Maintenance


The factory recommends the use of warm soapy water to clean all surfaces, including vinyl components. The use of abrasive cloths or brushes can mar the window's surfaces, therefore only a soft, non-abrasive material should be used while cleaning all components.

DO NOT USE Petroleum, Aromatic, Aliphatic, Acetone, or Ammonia based cleaners or solvents on any surface of the Tru-FrameŽ Vinyl Greenhouse Window. The use of these cleaners or solvents on any surface will void the warranty on the window and its' components.

As with any window in a resedential installation, all joints and surfaces should be checked at least once a year for gaps/points where caulking should be added for the best seal or performance. Caulking will shrink and move, is not considered a part of the window, and is not covered in the warranty. In addition, be sure to check korbal / support installation (recommended on all windows, required on those 5'0 wide or larger) for proper engagement, as well as overall installation, at least once a year as well.


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