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Vinyl Greenhouse Windows Specifications



Vinyl Greenhouse windows shall be "TRU-FRAME®" series 5000 as manufactured by the R. LANG COMPANY.


  1. FRAME COMPONENTS - All frame components shall be manufactured from rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and shall comply with AAMA 303.
  2. NAILING FIN AND INTERNAL REINFORCEMENTS - All nailing fins and internal reinforcements shall be extruded from 6063-T-5 aluminum.
  3. CORNER CAPS - Injection molded corner caps shall be rigid Poly vinyl chloride (PVC).
  4. SEAT BOARD - ¾" seat board shall be manufactured from expanded structural PVC with a tensile strength @ yield of 1900 - 2400 psi when using test method ASTM D638.
  5. INSECT SCREEN FRAME - Roll formed aluminum frame of rectangular sections, fit with injection molded corner keys.
  6. INSECT SCREEN - Charcoal 18x16 mesh .011 thick, fiber glass screen cloth.
  7. HARDWARE - Hardware shall be stainless steel, aluminum, or other corrosion resistant base material.


  1. GLASS - Factory installed ¾ inch minimum airspace. Selection of glass as specified.


  1. FRAME COMPONENTS -All frame components, mullions, and sash members shall be fusion-welded corners and joints. Injection molded round PVC corner caps shall be mechanically fastened to the external vertices of each corner.
  2. NAILING FINS -nailing fins shall be constructed to be an integral component of the main frame.
  3. HORIZONTAL MULLIONS - horizontal mullions shall be supplemented with internal reinforced solid aluminum extrusions where required for structural rigidity.


  1. White
  2. Almond
  3. Special (consult factory)


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