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Greenhouse Window Installation Instructions


Installation Guidelines For Existing Construction

  1. Choose a Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window large enough to fit around your old window. It is perfectly acceptable to have the Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window oversized at top and sides while matching the existing sill height of your old window.
  2. Check the surface around the old window. If there is a smooth continuous level and even plane around it, you can attach the mounting flanges of the Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window directly to this surface. Some home exteriors are simply too uneven to the mount the Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window without first attaching some furring strips at least 3/4" thick. (see figure 2)
  3. Anchor furring strips using a generous bead of caulking with fasteners long enough to penetrate deep into the framing. Be certain to recess the anchoring bolts or screw heads maintaining a smooth continuous surface.
  4. Run a generous bead of caulking around the entire mounting flange where it will meet the mounting surface. With some assistants, raise the window into place. Center the Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window allowing clearance on both sides. Bottom pan should level and line up with your old window sill. Attach window to jambs, sill, and header with screws long enough to penetrate deep into framing. Run a neat bead of caulking around the joint between the flange and the mounting surface. Trim off as desired.
  5. For window sizes 5' and larger, support bracing is highly recommended on each end of the window (Warranty could be void without proper support). These supports can be constructed as part of the wall framing or metal support brackets may be fabricated to adequately support the window. Support brackets can be purchased separately from your Tru-Frame® Dealer. Fasteners to supplied by installer (1/4" X 3" Lag screws are suggested for wall mounting). Brackets must attach to the vertical studs below the window. For 8' windows a third support should also be used in the center. (see figure 3)


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